Polly Gasston - Goldsmith

About Polly Gasston

Polly Gasston works only in 22ct gold and semi-precious stones, which, she says, form a direct link with the ancient goldsmiths who used exactly the same materials. Her strongest influences are the jewels of the Ancient Near East, from deep antiquity to the end of the Roman Empire. This influence extends from the wreath she made as a commission of the World Gold Council – Hellenistic period – to the little twisted wire earrings in the Small Treasures collection – Mycenaen Greece, and everything in between.Polly has a love and appreciation for semi precious stones, their broad spectrum of colour and form, and she buys them constantly! She then designs a piece round the stone, and as the stones are very often bought singly, the pieces she designs are, by nature, unique. While she can revisit and repeat an idea, she will never be able to completely copy anything, which means every item she makes is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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