Welcome to the our first blog post on PGG!  We’ve had the website rebuilt and updated and that includes all the bells and whistles, like blogging, so here we go.

The big news of the week for us is that Polly has been accepted into the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2018, second week, which is at the beginning of October.  Hooray!!   This all sounds a long time away, but we all know how time expands and contracts in relation to how busy you are, so I reckon these next few months are going to fly by.

This means that Polly has to design and make something really spectacular for the catalogue shoot for the Fair, and that’s in the works now.  I can’t tell you what it is for all the obvious reasons… it hasn’t been made yet for one, and even though we have a design in mind, it might not work out so I don’t want to cause any excitement only to spoil it all!  Rest assured, it will be something amazing and interesting because it always is.

Back to the Goldsmiths’ Fair; it’s held at the Goldsmiths’ Hall in London and if you don’t know about this amazing building I do recommend that you have a look because it’s quite magnificent and steeped in history, of course.  It’s such a privilege to be able to be in that building even just once a year.

And a little known factoid… Polly had her wedding reception at the Goldsmiths’ Hall- many years ago now – and very wonderful it was too.



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